Etherium Trading Scams

When you buy or sell Ethereum, you should always choose a site that provides the highest level of security. It is not uncommon to come across fraudulent brokers who use fake YouTube accounts to spread their fake advertisements. Their videos are often highly upvoted and contain conversations about the broker. This type of activity can result in the loss of your hard-earned crypto. Be aware of this by following the steps above. Ensure that the website does not have a ‘do not touch’ list or a ‘no refund’ policy.

Beware of scammers who target early investors. They tend to prey on unsuspecting individuals and trick them out of their hard-earned money. You should check reviews and verify the authenticity of the site before you sign up. Beware of Punycode scams or fake Airdrops. Scammers will send you a fake page pretending to be a legit crypto-trading platform. They will ask you to send a certain amount of crypto to a spiked wallet.

Scammers use psychology to trick users into giving their personal information. They use the same methods that legitimate services use to verify your identity. They ask for unmarked photo IDs to prove your identity. They then promise to send you a payout code via Discord. Once you provide this code to the system, you should immediately receive your promised coins. Once you receive your coins, you should move them to your wallet and withdraw them.