If you have lost your money in a forex scam, there are three ways to get it back. First, you can contact your local police to report the fraud. If you have lost millions of dollars in an overseas scam, your local police will not be able to help you. In this case, you should contact a digital police like Money-Back. These companies will contact the scammer on your behalf and help you recover your money.

Second, you can report the fraudster to the financial regulator in your country. In the UK, you can contact the FCA to report the scammer. Another option is to file a chargeback on your credit card or payment service. If you have lost money in a cryptocurrency scam, you can also contact the Fraudulent Crypto Investment Platform to report the fraudulent investment. Lastly, you can contact the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) to report the fraud.

Third, you can contact the police in your country. If the fraudster is a foreign broker, the chances of recovering your money are slim. The only way to be certain your money is secure is to use a credit card, which has a chargeback procedure. You can even ask the swindler to refund you the money, if you’re unable to recover it on your own. You should never trust a foreign broker or a third party for your money.