The romantic relationship that is based on lies is a romance scam. A romance scam artist will often lie about the person’s race, sexual orientation, or education to gain trust and then steal from the victim. Once a victim is duped into sending money, it will never be returned and cannot be used for anything. Many victims of romance scams have lost thousands of dollars. They should stop all contact with the individual, file a report with the local police, and download “The Little Black Book of Scams” from the Government of Canada Competition Bureau.

The FBI recommends conducting a reverse image search on the person to ensure they are not a duplicate of the same person. If the person has a fake profile, it is wise to decline to send any money to them. You can report the person to the Internet Crime Complaint Center as well. For more information on scams, see the following romance scam definition: To identify a scammer, check the photo’s availability on public databases.

A common type of romance scam involves duping victims into sending money to a scammer. The scammer may use emotive language to convince victims to send money to him or her. The criminal will often claim the money is needed for emergency medical treatment, transportation expenses, or an overseas visit. After sending the money, the victim is in no position to withdraw the gold and inherit the fortune unless the scammer gets the money. Depending on the scam, this kind of scam can leave victims with financial losses and embarrassment.