Scam Etherium Brokers

Scam Ethereum Brokers are a common problem for cryptocurrency traders. They disseminate fake positive news about an asset, often by phony sources. As a result, more investors pile in to the asset, driving its price sky-high. The scammers then sell off their own stake to buyers and crash the price. The only way for you to recover your money is to withdraw your cryptocurrency, but that’s easier said than done.

To avoid falling victim to a scam, take the time to learn about Ethereum and how it works. If a website claims to be a specialist in the field, but offers unrealistic returns, it’s a scam. When you send your money to a broker, they’ll often ask for more and disappear again. Moreover, a fraudulent broker will make use of a fake YouTube account to find their target audience. The bots will upvote the conversation on their own to give the impression that they’re legitimate.

Be wary of websites that ask for sensitive authentication credentials. Scammers use fake phone numbers to create convincing fake profiles. Don’t trust websites that ask for your social security number or address. They may be posing as Coinbase staff. You can’t rely on the legitimacy of such sites – if they were, they’d have been featured on mainstream media. However, they may be a legitimate business.