Scam Etherium Traders

Scam Etherium Traders is one of the latest and most notorious Ponzi schemes to hit the cryptocurrency trading industry. This program claims to offer a 100% profit guarantee. This is clearly not true. If you’re interested in getting involved with this scheme, you’d better be aware of the risks involved. The company is a scam because it’s hard to access the code without a computer or mobile device. If it claims to offer a high percentage profit guarantee, then it is a bogus investment opportunity.

Scam Ethereum Traders use fake YouTube accounts to fool you. These accounts start conversations about themselves and are highly upvoted. Usually, these bot accounts do not have real people, which means they are fake. Moreover, the trader’s video is incredibly convincing. However, it may be worthless if you can’t tell whether the trader is genuine. It’s always best to verify all the information before deciding to invest in their service.

The site isn’t a scam if you want to invest in cryptocurrencies. The information on the site is up to date, and you can easily find out the latest exchange rates. The platform also provides charts and order books, and you can see the trading history and technical support. The company offers two-factor authentication and antiphishing protection, which adds credibility to the company. If the trader can’t provide you with a phone number or any other personal information, you should move on.